Monday, July 18, 2005

A Long Time Coming

I suppose I should have excuses, the truth sadly is that I don't. I kept meening to do it the fact is it just never happened. You see something else just kept getting in the way. Its not even as if I've not had anything to say. Lots of things have happened, there was the surprise U2 concert, the Wychwood Festival experience just to mention a couple, I just never seemed to get the thoughts in my head to make it as words on the screen.

Well today as they say is a new day, today I'm going to start talking about the ordinary things, not waiting for something special but just going to talk to my friends (and the others that stumble along). The good thing about having not blogged was realizing how many people have missed it, even some who I thought might not have noticed. So hopefully I'm back, perhaps not with war and peace every day but back in some small way.

K has gone away for a couple of days today, she needed the break and is probably living it up in some wine bar with her mate as I type, but I do miss her. Anyway enough of my soft cuddly side. It has been a black day in Manchester today, just in case you missed it Shaun Wright Phillips signed for Chelski.

For me he represented the beginning of something new for city and now it feels like its over before it really began. Football can't carry on like this, the big boys coming in waving some cash and getting whatever they want - what happened to loyalty. Chelskis chief exec said this was another example of Chelski investing in British youth. Well he's wrong running a succesful academy is investment this was just daylight robbery. Me bitter and twisted no never.

Well I think I'll make the lunches for tomorrow and then head off for bed. Oh yes weekend was good finished my assignment with a little help (proof reading) from my friends and a Punjab take away to cheer me and K up (thanks Liz). Saturday BBQ with friends. Sunday went to church at one of the churches I am doing my summer placement at. The service was pleasent perhaps a bit to tame and Presbyterian for my liking and I was doing fine until the sermon. "Today's sermon" the preacher announced "is entitled the human condition" within one second I was back with the first assignment I had just finished, oh well he could have preached 2 Kings 22 as well just to make things worse.


At 2:01 pm, Blogger 1 i z said...

I trust said assignment duly gave credit to the input received. Something like:

"Two commas and one semi-colon - courtesy of Liz C"

I'm sure it will make all the difference.

At 10:24 pm, Blogger Sally said...

You can never have too much punctuation... from the professional blog-commenter xxx

At 11:07 pm, Blogger Caroline said...

ah but did you manage to spell 'love' with the letters in the right order?


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