Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Terminal

I could have posted so much, written so much, said so much over these last days. Words however, are insufficient, pictures do no justice yet, still we need to tell their story. A story of occupation of hurt and of pain, yet in the midst of it all signs of hope glimpses of God. Incarnation once more born again in these amazing people.

Today I witnessed the most disturbing event I have seen since arriving. Palastinians wanting to work in Israel, horded into a pen, driven like cattle to make there way to the terminal where their documents are checked and if they smile right, the wind blows n their direction they will be allowed through. No pictures, I don't want to show their humiliation yet I need to ell their story. I need to make someone hear I NEED TO SHOUT TO MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN. Oh God hear your people cry!

Today we leave Bethlehem and make our way to Galilee time to reflect, a stop in the desert, a time in the wilderness, time to be alone with our thoughts and to remember what we have seen.

Oh God of justice,
be with your people,
wherever they are from,
help them to see in each other signs of hope,
glimpses of you,
that they may search for you in each other,
and be consumed your love.

Again the words of Micheal Franti

To the East to the West
One love people never gonna stop

One to creation, one to the sun
One to the mornin, one to the one

One to the air and the freshness we breathe an
One to the force of the change in the seasons

One to the mother from which all things come
One to the daughters and one to the sons

One to the Father who helps us believe that
Nothin's ever gonna harm you see an

One to the soldier who walks city streets an
One to the soldier who fights overseas an

One to the man who gets down on his knees an
Prays for god and send protection please

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At 9:57 am, Anonymous Giles said...

Wow boss... there's very little you can say to that, cept perhaps to thank God for music to help us try to make things make sense... In fact, it's another Franti lyric

Everyone deserves music, sweet music
Everyone deserves music, sweet music
Even our worst enemies Lord, they deserves music, music
Even the quiet ones in our family, they deserve music


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