Friday, February 10, 2006

East meets West

The Blah evening was good. Led by Pall Singh and Richard Sudworth it looked at "how far can we engage with the Eastern spiritualities of our Sikh, Hindu and Muslim neighbours whilst retaining our Christian integrity?"

Bit different to normal as it started with a time of worship allowing us to experience some of the Eastern influence used by them in an emerging group called Sanctuary. This was just what I needed it allowed me to release my frustration and remember that whilst I was small and God very big I am still known and cherished and important to God.

The evening continued with stories and examples of how one particular church in Birmingham was engaging with its Muslim neighbours. Not there to convert just to share their understanding of God and therefore growing and nurturing understanding and relationships.

It was another good Blah possibly for me the best so far so to Ben and the team keep up the good work its much appreciated.


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