Sunday, March 13, 2005

Watch this space

Sorry been really poorly so much so I had to ask my supervisor if he could do the lent group for me on Thursday. He did it, anyway sorry I have not answered Sally's questions but I will shortly so as it says in the title watch this space.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Its Been a while........................

since I last blogged. Don't know why really just didn't feel like it. Its not even that I have been too busy (although I have been busy) I simply didn't feel like blogging. Strange but sometimes when I blog it brings out more honesty than at times I perhaps want to face. Still here I am back again with all the issues that stopped me in the past sorted (well until next time).

Been a busy few weeks not much to share though. Apart from I got the mark back from my first level 3 assignment it was a surprising 71% my first first if you get my meaning. If I new how to do it I would put somewhere so you could read it but I don't so I can't. It was all about Somali refugees and Urban theology well that should have put you off by now.

Work (well thats what I call it) is relentless at the moment, still my lent groups are going well despite my list of fears sometimes God just jumps in helps out(when I allow)

It was my birthday last Friday had a good day, got some great pressies from the girls and enjoyed myself. Found out that I share it with so many people I know, its scary we could in fact have a mini March 4th convention.

Today has been good came back from Church and slobbed. John 9 was the lectionary reading for this morning. You know the one about blindness and sin. I wrote my sermon imagining someone blind sat on the front row. I was consious that for many this passage causes great problems and I wanted to share what I believe is still a powerful message in this reading but removes the offence to those who have different abilities. Briefley (I promise) the power of this story is the fact God can use us as we are regardless of whatever our own disability is, that God can see beyond all of that which we put in the way to what lies within us. Society as a whole likes to label us as abel and disabeled God however can see us all the same with just the same to offer. All of us with hopes, aspirations and gifts to offer and God uses them whatever they are and that's got to be good news.

Well back to trashy TV Bridget Jones edge of reason (Karens Mothers day Pressie) so pass me the tissues I think I'm going girlie!!!