Thursday, December 30, 2004

Only Questions

I read Kathryn's comments published on Caroline's blog and I was moved by them. When we see disasters such as these appear on our TV screens and across our papers we are left asking HOW? WHY? GOD? But I too believe in the God who grieves more than us, who hurts more than we do and some how through this misery see's the hope of the future. I found this poem by Brian Louis Pearce:
I believe in the rushing wind, the tremendous driving
the sudden shaft, the sudden shifting light, the
of the holy spirit in these human affairs, the
of the tributaries, ponds and sources
the watery interfaces
water sheds and water forces
the sudden ripple of light
throwing diamonds across the water, turning
us to anther quarter;
taking us round with the ebullient stream in another
into the presance of Godhead in these vessels of brittle
the presence lighting these figures, otherwise fast
into a darkness deeper than any of their own making:
turning ahead of them, like the hidden water, and calling.
I believe in the wholly other, the presence behind the
mere clay of creation:
the holy and solitary Father, who created us,
by whom we are all met
in the terror and joy of this and every day,
in the middle of every instant
at the centre of every insight
at the first and the last light of this and every I.
I believe in the grace which is daily searching and
reaching us,
which has to be felt to be seen, accepted to be believed,
and which, denied or acknowledged, has always inhabited
from the first wrinkle across the ocean, as it ever shall be
in the day and the night-time, out beyond night, beyond
in the beginning, so, now, without end,
the sudden shaft, the ripple of light, like a person beside
nearer than hidden water
turning to speak to me:
the sudden shift, the sound of water
In the end after all our talking, our suggesting, our believing, I think there are only questions, thank you God for all my questions and for being in all my searching.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Back in the habit

My blogs are like buses none for days then two come along together. Been into prison tonight for the prisoners carol concert. I have rather an admission to make for someone training as a minister. I hate services of lessons and carols, this one finished with a sketch done by six prisoners called "A wallies guide to Christmas" now if this was done in church it would have been Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy with a capital C. However the prisoners brought a whole different angle to it complete with wolf whistles for the one brave soul who had agreed to wear the dress. Its good to be reminded at times that prisons are where freedom is restricted but the right to laugh, smile and see God revealed is still freely available.

On a more day to day sort of note Becky has been ill last night and today and has spent the time with her head in a bowl. Still she is just consoling herself by watching her fourth DVD of the day. Kathryn is washing her hair ready for school tomorrow complaining still that her school appears to be the only one in Manchester still in, oh how she can winge. Hannah is just taking advantage of the DVD showing. Karen is out in Warrington with some friends tonight hope she won't have her head stuck in a bowl tomorrow!! Well thats it for a household update soory it wasn't as exitng as some other blogs I have read perhaps tomorrow will bring something outstanding.

Oh almost forgot Karen's brother Ray is also watching the DVD, which just goes to prove there is no such thing as a free lunch (or rent).

Monday, December 20, 2004

Gosh where did the time go?

You may have noticed that blogging is not my strong point, well at least not on any kind of regular basis. Its not that I don't want to do it I can just never think of anything to say. Look its been four weeks of which I have done loads of things. Can I remember any of them, would you really be interested. Perhaps if I had the technical skills of Sal (a phrase rarley heard) and was able to post pictures this would make things more interesting. Perhaps if I had someone elses life that would help!

Now don't worry I am not getting all depressed, I am actually more than happy with my own life I am however just questioning how interesting you all would find it. On the other hand that could have been the most drawn out excuse for not blogging you have ever heard. D'oh not even managed that of course Cullen beat me to it!

So what has been happening well actually not that much. Continue to go and do the prison chaplaincy work once a week. You make relationships (perhaps not the right word) with some of the strangest people but sadly not a conversation for now.

Lets see what else, well think I may have gone one better than Liz and visited the Punjab three times in seven days! By the way Liz going on the 24th and the 28th let us know if you would like to join us.

What else oh have to mention my footy team will spend Christmas in the top half of the table yeah yeah yeah yeah sorry can't remamber the last time. Actually was thinking of suggesting we should change our name to 'A Man City' then we would be top of the league before the season started on alaphabetical grounds.

Hannah has been going to Bluezone the man city educational project which works with schools in east and south manchester. She had her presentaion the other night where she met one of the players and moonchester and won a ball in the raffle. She was very happy (having just read 'how to' pictures may appear shortly!)

Well no more posting for now cannot wait to see if pictures appear so for now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

oh rats............................Liz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp