Monday, April 10, 2006

Hi (Sorry I know my titles are pants)

Gosh long time no blogging (again I here you cry). I think I have just been through one of those I just can’t be bothered moods. Yes I have been really busy lots to talk about but just not had the enthusiasm to do so.

Why now? Can’t answer that other than saying why not? I’m in the middle of planning Easter services and writing assignments / presentations for college so kind of busy and stuck in front of the computer.

Having to present on Post Evangelical so if any one has any thoughts or opinions please post away the more the merrier, spoke to Steve who was a big help (no don’t be like that he really was).

Enjoying messing with my space mind you unlike Jude with millions of friends I only have three (boo hoo) still its quality that counts or is that size can’t remember.

Weekend was busy had a community chaplaincy training day Saturday and Sunday taken over by church still at least there was no youth group Sunday night just had half the church round instead. Had a call from Sally just as we were leaving church (12.55) who was surprised we were not at home with our feet up. Still it was good to talk even if only for 2 minutes.

Well going to go to bed now as still have a busy week ahead sorry I have no funny stories to share, no tow trucks, no giraffes not even snotty ducks! Oh well till later.