Friday, October 29, 2004

Kebabs and Beer

Why is it that whenever you drink beer you end up eating kebabs? Just been out with my mate Rob to drink a few beers to celebrate Rob and Val's new baby. Unfortnatley the lure of the kebab shop is to much. Still Karen was not impressed when I spilt chilli sauce over the cusion oops. Might not make it to the Punjab now probably still be in the dog house. Well all these words are dancing over the screen so in the words of Zebedee (the magic roundabout character not the one from the old testament) time for bed!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Don't Talk To Me

We lost now sulking (couldn't even get my little crying emoticon to work)

Not exactly Sunset Boulevard!!

If you have ever been to my humble little house then you will know that it is far from the golden shores of the U.S of A (thank goodness). Yet it was to these sunnier shores my mind was taken as I drove down my road earlier today. I was taken there thanks to the fully grown fool stumbling and sliding his way along on a pair of roller skates trying to reinact one of those scenes from a dodgy seventies movie (apologies to all lovers of dodgy seventies movies) still as they say it takes all sorts. Roller skaters to one side for a moment, today has been one of those days for me when you are given the opportunity to experience sombody else's life for a while. In my case my wife's as she is out on a course at my college (the cheek of it). So I have been left in charge of the children. Now in someways that is not to hard Kathryn has been no trouble out all morning home for 10minutes at lunchtime when she grunted the odd phrase in my direction, quickly remebering her charm and how much she loved Dad when she need a lift to the bus stop to meet her mates and then go to the cinema. Then it was Hannah's turn in and out of the house at least twenty times in twenty minutes still answering the door that many times is sure to keep me fit. Then I to take her to the swimming baths, I had only been in ten minutes when she was on the phone, apperently it was a complete accident she had left her money in the car and actually more than likley my fault oh well back to the baths I went. At least Rebekah has been an angel and only asked for drinks, food, sweets, friends and other assorted requests every five minutes. Come back Karen I love you and now appreciate how hard you work. Must go shortly still got tea to make.

One last thing Manchester city council it a moment of brilliance introduced a recycling scheme collecting once a month. Why however do they not collect plastic bottles. We must have the european plastic bottle mountain in our garage. I keep meaning to take them when I go shopping but just forget. Then every time I put a new one in the bag an existing one falls out. I bend down pick it up put it back in the bag only to see the newly deposited bottle replace it on the floor and so the process continues until I lose my temper and throw all the bottles over the garage, I never realised being enviromently friendly was such hard work.

Oh well sausage mash and beans call until tomorrow..............

One last thing City play Arsenal tonight so there is a very good chance that the tone of tomorrows rambling will be ever so slightly more depressed, however if we win check out how well we played on the MCFC link.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's all her fault!!!!

There I was going about my business. One job left ring up Punjab reserve table for Friday, now normally it has to be said i would not bother to reserve a table but on this occasion it is for 25 of us! Anyway as I was saying this was all I had to do oh yes and ring Liz to tell her I had done it. Idon't quite know how it happened one minute we we talking chicken madras the next about a certain St Albans resident and his lack of posting. Well I just got sucked in and here I am. Still on a more positive note college have been telling me to write a journal for some time now don't think they had something so public in mind! I have been threatened already it went along the lines of "you'd better post more than Cullen does" still from what i've seen so far that shouldn't be to hard.