Friday, January 25, 2008

Time Out

I am starting to discover some of the problems with ministry. I still love it and that is great however, there are times when I need moments of escapism. Those moments when I can just put work to the back of my mind and think about other things. I was talking about this with a colleague of mine recently and we both agreed. The problem is that even when you have been away on holiday the moment you arrive home work is there immediately waiting. Waiting in the piles of post, in the emails, in the telephone messages and wham no time to adjust, work immediately there.

I'm not talking about the God stuff, that would be silly I would hope and want like others that God would be with me wherever I am, no it's the church stuff and it is that which I need a break from. Not cause it's bad or I don't like it but just because if I don't it will consume me. Friday is my day off, I was going to come home from dropping B off at school and hang around at home. Inevitably that means checking email of which there are work related messages and before you know it, well you can guess the rest. So today conscious decision on the way home call and see a colleague (and friend) whose day off it is as well. Cup of coffee some quick lessons given to his dog on laying out a blog and then off to the shop at the City of Manchester Stadium.

I didn't buy anything but P made up for it, coming out with a full bag, we followed that with a coffee and a sticky bun and suddenly I forgotten everything I was meant to forget. A lovely morning! Now the only problem is what to do with the afternoon?

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