Friday, October 05, 2007

It’s Good To Talk

Gosh, doesn't time fly when you are having fun. So much seems to have happened since my ordination 4 weeks ago. This week sadly seems to have been dominated by funerals, a privilege to do, but please not too often. I was struck last week at how appreciative people were for a visit from the 'minister'. Both the churches I work in have good pastoral care schemes where people are regularly visited. Yet a visit from me seemed to be different. However, I'm not special, I have no special words, but people seem so pleased to see me in my role.

I talked to a friend about it who said that he thought it was about the minister in that moment, being the church. It was about people who had given so much to the church now in their time of need receiving back from the church. I think he may be right, whatever it is I find it humbling and at times overwhelming. Can I cope with the expectation, how can I do all this as well as making worship stimulating, plan for the future, attend all the meetings, make time for my family and create the time I'm told I need for my own spiritual development.

I guess I'm not looking for answers or for sympathy, just sharing my thoughts.

Thanks for listening, it's good to talk!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finally In 2007

Hi it's me here again, you know me the sporadic blogger. Well I have a new lap top with this here new M*cros*ft O**ice 2007 on and it has this fancy link to post on your blog. So I'm trying it, who knows I may blog more as a result, but hey, don't hold your breath!