Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It was in the job description

Whilst I know is part of what I do now I'm still nervous. Tomorrow is the start of the lent Bible studies I am running. We are doing the York courses Better Together (yes me using Anglican resources)so I have spent the day planning and thinning down. Not sure what I find the scariest so here is the list to choose from:
1. Will anyone turn up.
2. If they do will they come back again.
3. Will anyone talk.
4. Will we get past "we went to a bible study once in 1962 hated it"
5. Will my supervisor be there
6. What if all I have done is just crap
and so I go on in this kind of circular way. Church has a strange way of scaring me like this at times, am I really training to be a minister, oh give me the prison any day somehow there seems to be more honesty there, strange but true. Oh well till tomorrow.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chilled with a capital C

Well after all the stress of late, today brought a welcome change. Got up late, Karen left me in bed and i managed to avoid the usual round of children lifting up my eyelids and asking "are you awake yet". Spent the rest of the day doing absolutley nothing ah bliss. Just listening to something acoustic and chilled at the moment think I might pull down a book and read oh well that'll be me asleep in 10 minutes.

Friday, February 11, 2005

And the rain came down

One word to describe yesterday CRAP it was one of those days when you wish you hadn't bothered getting out of bed. Kathryn will relate to this, the problem with ministry is that most of the stuff that makes you scream, cry, depressed and just generally peed off is the same stuff you are unable to share with anyone else. Yesterday was one of those days, in fact I keep drifting back into the feelings tonight, I suppose i'm writing this to get it out of my system and have someone tell me it will be alright. Good grief i'm analysing myself now perhaps I need to stop listening to The Smiths and put something more cheerful on. The picture above is of The Great Orme needless to say when we went today the view was more like this

still we had a good time I think! It was a cheap day out packed lunch, two flasks of coffee, eat in the car and the rain came down.

Its funny though when we came home Kathryn (that's my eldest daughter not the one mentioned earlier) came up and gave Karen a big hug and said thanks for a great day, you see money isn't everything. So after eating in the rain with no view, we went on a reminiscent drive through Conway and Penmenmawr. I had an uncle that lived in Penmenmawr and both me and Karen had stayed at the Christian Endevour holiday home in Conway when we were younger. After that it was off to Rhyl to visit some friends and then home. When I think about it a perfect tonic for yesterdays crap day think i'll open a bottle of wine and change the music.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Finer things in life

Good food, fine wine (perhaps a bit too much), and charming company. That was the ingredients for a great Saturday night when Liz joined us for a meal. Consequently Sunday was a lazy day that is after I came back from church, where, thankfully I was not preaching. In the afternoon I went and fixed a friend’s internet connection left Rebekah there playing and came home and dozed in the chair. Woke up in time to see the second half of the city game and am now bathing in the glorious fact we have not been stuffed by or in fact been beaten by champions elect Chelsea.

Girls have been on holiday today so trying to do some studying was hard, still shutting the door and putting on the best of Greenbelt 73 - 98 seemed to do the trick and soon the work was all done.

Now I feel I must take this opportunity to defend myself against some of the ridiculous rumours a certain red headed (it’s from a bottle) lady has been spreading. Whilst I appreciate that it has been a long time since my last blog, and the nature of my last blog concerned drinking whiskey, I have not had the mother of all hangovers. It’s just by the time I have read everyone else’s witty and interesting blogs I just cant think of anything to write that compares in any way. Perhaps this is the blogging equivalent of trying to keep up with the Jones.

Well tomorrow is a college day and unlike the girls I am not off until next week. A problem there off I'm not I am they are not one day we will synchronize just not this time. Ah well the joys of Tertulliun and the early church fathers to look forward to first thing I can hardly wait as I anticipate the over whelming joy I may experience, still suppose it beats working for a living.

Now I promise I will blog more often Liz came up with a great plan for me blog first then read later, now why didn't I think of that? Oh Liz I liked our graph the girls decided however that my music collection just came under the collective genre of weird. Talking of strange and uncomfortable went to my mums tonight, she's just had broadband fitted and yes you've guessed it, started reading my blog suppose I had better be good from now on!