Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Listen Whilst You Legislate

Now then what I want to know is what songs would a civil servant listen to on their Ipod!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Please Don't tell the Vet

Take three friends, one Saturday night in, an empty bottle of lager and a willing dog and you get this:


* Please note no animals were hurt in the making of this photo.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Original Artwork

Some of you may know that we are going to be moving in a couple of months. So we thought new house, new start. We fancied getting some original artwork and saw this


It's the piece on the left we like, you'll notice it shows our favourite place in Manchester 'The Punjab' how can we possibly resist!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Duke Special night

Church this morning, friends house warming in the afternoon and off to see Duke Special at the academy this evening. Great gig, he was chatty, witty and on good form. There was an informal feel to the night, laid back and chilled. After such a busy few days this was just what I needed. Earlier 1iz had echoed my thoughts by saying that had we have not already had the tickets she could have easily stayed at home. Perhaps this was the reason why that as we attempted to find a parking space 1iz suddenly remembered that the tickets were still on the fridge door. So we rushed back and decided to try again rather than give it up and stay at home. Still I'm glad we did, as I said to 1iz on the night 'in a world full of Sco*tch is good to have an intelligent musician'.

His playing was accomplished, lyrics thoughtful and provoking and his voice had the capability to take you elsewhere. The gig finished with the band coming down into the audience to busk. As soon as the lights went down we took advantage of our position at the back and made a quick exit. As we left the venue, we once again heard music only to discover the band coming up one the exit stair cases where we were treated to what can only be described as an intimate gig, hence the close up photo's.

All in all a good night so glad now I didn't stay in.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision Mayhem

After a busy day it was off to round to 1iz's house for her annual and infamous eurovison party. A good night it was too, chance to catch up with friends and wind down. K junior had made Pakora and Samosa's for aunty 1iz and as a result had several offers from people who wanted to adopt her (i'm currently mulling over the offers)oh yes and there was the music.

Well a mixture of camp airline stewards and a cross between Sue Pollard and Elton John wrapped in baco foil

seems to sum up the night. As for the winner, pitty the money for hair styling ran out after the backing singers. Still as P aptly put it...... 'a victory for all those who had to endure pudding basin hair cuts!'

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And Some Say I Only Work One Day!

Saturday back down to earth with a very big bump.

I was running an elders training day here at Whalley Hall.

The surroundings were superb, the food great and the Church I was working with were eager. I was running the presentations and talking and a colleague was facilitating when they broke up into groups. This meant I had time to do a little exploring of grounds and pond.

Eventually after a lot of hard work(and I mean hard work) I think we left having made a decision!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Catching Up

Events of the past few weeks appear to have over taken me. I had meant to Blog about lots but sadly it seemed innapropriate but still here I am back again and trying to move on.

So lets start with Friday!

Friday went to London for a Greenbelt training day. I had mixed feelins as I stood at Picadilly station at 7.15. Firstly, why am in Manchester waiting for a train and not at home with a coffee and secondly will it be worthwile. We had a similiar training day last year and it failed to hit the mark so I wondered was this just going to be a long day, long journey and all a waste of time.

I'm pleased to report back that it wasn't the day was most productive, investigating how we could improve our skills working with volunteers, the networking opportuities were also good and it was great to meet people new and old.

After the meeting we had time to kill before our train back so joined others in the pub for conversation and beer, both of which were good. A few us then wandered around the corner from Liverpool St Station and found this noodle bar again good company and this time fanatastic food.

Back to Euston for the 19.35 train (which we all thought left at 19.45, good job we were early) and home, a long but satisfying day!

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Friday, May 04, 2007


I meant to blog about the wedding and perhaps still will. It was a top,top weekend some of my best friends new and old. As Liz mentioned a weekend tinged with happiness and sadness. Sadly a week later it's just sadness, T and E we love you both and are thinking of you all the time. Remember where we are and T the memory of your Mum will live forever in the person you have become. Her values and her love shine through all you are and it is those qualities that make people love you like they do.