Thursday, March 29, 2007


.....are so powerful, they can heal or hurt, cause pain or make people laugh, they can cause division or bring back together. Today however, they were totally, totally insufficient! There are days when my job is brilliant and days like today when in its not so great. Having said that I am just so honoured to have shared those precious moments with them.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Friday we had friends from church round for a meal and K made her famous ragu for them. In addition she made an extra one for Liz, sadly however, due to problems at work she was unable to collect it until Saturday. So the weekend passed by, shared kebabs with K and Liz on Saturday, and then spent all day and evening at church (please don't do the one day a week joke it isn't funny). So Monday Karen calls Liz just to check the ragu went down ok. Now I'm sure Liz will share this herself and do a much better job than me. Whilst asleep Liz dreams that she has eaten the ragu for tea but seeing the size of the pancakes containing the ragu decides she can only manage one. So upon waking the next day she skips (metaphorically) down the stairs to look at the ragu in the fridge and then dream again about eating it for tea. Apparently it was then seeing the fridge empty that she realized she was dreaming and had in fact pigged out on both the previous night. After K had told me the story I went to the computer and realized that I had not turned to Monday on my F*rside calender, it revealed this:

The Perils of Over Eating

So you see Liz you have to be so careful when it comes to over eating!

So thinking about dreams obviously caused me to dream. Now I need to tell you that I have a snake phobia. So that night I dream about a giant snake, only it has been crossed with a dog. The snake/dog is about 20 feet long and covered in fur it is white and tan in colour and has tiny little feet, yet still moves like a snake. Lo and behold when its tongue comes out of its mouth it is big and pink and dog like. We soon made friends, even I struggled to be scared, it was kind of cute. So off to bed now to see what I might dream about tonight, but hey anyone fancy interpreting Monday nights dream first.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't Believe Everything in the Newspapers

Merlin commented that journalists were thinking of going on strike. Well quite frankly if this is the standard of their work, hurry up and walk out. The main story is that 'prisoners have keys to their cells' suggesting they (even in closed jails) are free to come and go as they please. Let me explain how it works (any self respecting journalist could have discovered this with a little research, ah but then, no story) so there are two locks on a cell door. Lock number one, lets call that the main lock is controlled by the prison officer/offcial. It renders the door locked at all times unless opened by a main cell key. Lock number two for which the prisoner has a key is only effective if lock number one has already been opened, with me so far?

So then, if lock number one is opened, say when the prisoner is allowed out of his cell for work, exercise, association or eating a meal, then he can lock the door using lock number two to prevent someone else pinching things. Apparently this has to be done as a recent D*ily M*il survey revealed there are a high number of thieves in jail! So you see prisoners are not running around the jail swapping their latest pl*y st*tion 3 games and the prison officers still have the power. Just thought i'd clear it up, oh and by the way for all of you who think prisons are like holiday camps, change your travel agent!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fits and Starts

...........would be a good way to describe how I have blogged latley and in truth since I started. I have considered knocking all on the head on more than one occasion but still decide to come back. So I guess what I am trying to say is that you will have to live with my erratic behaviour.

Had a really busy day today so not going to write much but just leave you with some pics,some are from my birthday at the beginning of the month others just give a sample of the month that was.

My Pressie from Sally (It was the bunny salt and pepper grinders not the breakfast)

My Pressie From Liz (You can change the slogan on the t shirt)

The Windermere centre (U.R.C training place where I went on a conference)

Millie the Mad Dog

The Lent Bible Study (Lunch With Luke)

Comic Relief Cakes

So that was the month that was!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I feel this story needs little comment, just read it and you will see why. The church often wonders why it cannot attract anyone towards the love of God and the Gospel which has at its heart, love and justice, with actions like this, is it any wonder?

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Out Of Order

Meant to blog this a while ago. The picture is of a phone box near to the Punjab. If you look closely you will see a sign saying temporarily out of order. There are two ironies to this picture:

1. Its been this way now for at least 6 Months.
2. And perhaps most importantly, look again and you will see there is just a wire and the phone has gone.

Now it may just be a technicality but I'd call that more than out of order!