Friday, December 29, 2006

I Had To Laugh

Driving through Chorlton today I came across a most peculiar scene. I surmise this is what had happened. Some workmen had been working on an upstairs flat and had left via the external staircase which ended near to a bus top and in between two shops. Obviously in carrying out there equipment they had balanced a 5 litre tub of paint on the top railing of the stairs. Unfortunately however, it had not stopped there and its contents were now over the road, the people stood at the bus stop and several of the passing cars. I wish I had been able to take a picture of the random painting! I couldn't help feeling sorry for the victims and the 6 foot 4 heavily set car driver was making his point rather well. As I say I couldn't but help feeling sorry yet at the same time couldn't help but laugh, if however, it had happened to me then I think I would have been very grumpy!


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grumpy Old Man

Well following my rant about the football I believe there is a strong possibility that I could be turning into a grumpy old man. Let me give you the evidence.

1. Driving back from my parents on Christmas morning I noticed that the recently resurfaced road had already been dug up only two months from it having been completed. WHY? Can these Muppet's not sort it, hey how about talking to each other planning, ah but that would require a basic level of intelligence.....grump, grump, grump.

2. Now please do not misunderstand my next grump. I understand completely and sincerely the need to grieve for those you have lost at Christmas and this is not my beef. However, close to our house is a cemetery, Christmas morning there were many, many people visiting the graves of loved ones. Again I stress I completely understand their need to do this. But do they need to totally block the road, double park and cause utter traffic mayhem on an otherwise quiet morning. How about asking for a highway code for Christmas or better still a driving license grump, grump, grump.

3. Why is it when you are sat in a resraunt (yes the Punjab) do people think it acceptable to allow their children to run around the tables screaming and shouting? Our children are sat quietly, yes I know they are older but they have always sat quietly and if they have not been able too we have taken them out. If your children can;t allow others to enjoy a quiet meal then get a take away grump, grump, grump.

4. The clincher was my Christmas present is someone trying to tell me something?

Now please do not make any mistakes, these are just internal grumps I would never actually challenge any one about them.

5. People who do not have the courage of their convictions grump, grump, grump.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Warning Rant Approaching

Rarely do I post about football, today however, I make an exception. I have just returned from watching my beloved excuse for a football team.

Now losing I can accept it is after all part of the game (Chelsea and United aside) but what I won't accept as a paying fan is a lack of effort. City over the years have had their fare share of ups and downs but have never lacked passion and fight. This current team however, displays none of the attributes that as a City fan I have come to expect and after today's game I am left despairing.

I have almost reached the stage where I wonder why I bother to go week in and week out, I guess the reason is a belief that we may just one week turn a corner and all that will be in front would be a new certainty and football happiness.

Having said that I guess that could make it all just a little boring, oh well here's to the roller coaster!


Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Alive!

Sorry for the long period of silence, the half term holidays went and along with them my desire to blog. I have been busy but if i'm honest I was just not ready or wanting to blog, anyway for the time being I'm back.

Lots happened since then most of the going out stuff you will have learnt about from Liz (lucky she does blog). I guess the other big piece of news is that I have been invited to preach with a view of becoming minister of two churches in the local area. I am really excited about this bothe churches will require hard work because there is lots of good stuff happening, but I never wanted a quiet life. Te family are happy because there is enough to keep Dad quiet and beacause it is local. So if you have some time prayers would be appreciated I preach the first two weekends in January.

Well that's enough for a starter I won't bore you with long lists from the past two months but try and blog at least once a week from now on (where have you heard that before). It was Caroline who promted me to blog again, she wrote that she had updated her sidebar to remove blogs no longer kept up to date, I checked to see if I was still there!

Speak soon!!!!!

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